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In God's Love

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The Preface of In God's Love presents 25 questions and the answers are quotes from the Passages of the book.

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" Do you want me to be truthful with you,little spirits? Here is the answer. Yes. I want the facts. Right. This is a spirit of truth. Real things are said by a truthful answer.

Books are written with God's Spirit blessing each word. Where does the truth come from? The source of all truth comes from God. God is the source of all truth. Such wisdom is real. All other answers are false. Be so wise. Listen to things that are real. Listen to things that are true and inspired by God" (420:5-17).

What does In God's Love say about _____ ?

>>> God ?

>>> God's          

forgiveness ? 

>>> the         

universe ?

>>> sin ?

>>> suffering ? 

>>> Satan ?

>>> living a        

moral life ?

>>> living a         

prayerful life ?

>>> death ?

>>> Hell ?

>>> Janet       


--- Four more things. ---

>>> Photo       


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