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In God's Love

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What does

In God's Love

say about

Janet Hurlow?

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"It is sent with love to Earth by messengers of God, written on paper by a small woman of Earth. A woman who wants to write. She wants to speak wisdom to those who can be taught wisdom and understanding" (417: 38-42).

"Kind spirits on all Earth, never was such a book written by such a small one as writes, which is why she writes" (89: 33-35).

"And He [God] is pleased with the woman, the woman who writes" (137: 16-17).

"God is in this very spiritual message. Such beauty comes not from beings of Earth. Such minds are small. This is a very small woman who writes. In all Earth, God has chosen the very small" (139: 22-26).

"Behold. Is this the woman seen, such a small one in spirit song? Such peace is in this child. Such suffering is in her song. Earth, it is done. Be still. These Books are sent. This lowly woman shall write. Sing in this spirit" (224: 27-35).

"Blessed is this virtuous saint who writes. Books are not written by small ones who do not go to school to learn of such things . . . Worlds will come, and this small woman shall sing forever. Blessed is such faith in God's Spirit. We have chosen well" (372: 15-17, 125-127).

"The words you read in this book are from God. The woman who writes is a small mortal. She cannot begin to put the words on these pages without inspirational guidance by God. Her wisdom is in God's Spirit. She is very well inspired. Behold the woman, look upon her. She is neither unusual nor extraordinary. She is a human sent to write this book. That is her mission in life. This is her key to God's Kingdom: her burning desire to save souls from the fire of Hell. We are very willing to help Janet in her mission. This is why God has let this woman write. Listen to her. She is sent out by God to bring souls to the Kingdom. Souls who wouldn't sing in God's Kingdom forever are waiting for an inspiration of hope, blessed by God is a sorrowful world. This is a prayer, sung for souls who are lost on the Earth. It is done" (419: 37-57).

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