In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen .

In God's Love

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What does

In God's Love

say about

God's forgiveness?

" Yet in His creation is the most wicked sinner who no person, in their pain, could forgive. This sinner cried out to God with a contrite and loving heart. In this cry, compassion and mercy bore their spirit up to God forever" (265: 29-33).

" Someone loves you with a great love even if you are the worst sinner" (450-11-12).

" God is ready to forgive the most unworthy, the most wicked of sinners. His arms are reaching out to that person lying drunk in the gutter, to that cold-blooded murder, to that child molester. Satan has whispered in your ear, 'Low-life. filth, God doesn't want you, ' but Satan is lying. God does want you. Right now, turn your life over to God. His love is real. Most kind loving Father, come to me. Take me out of this misery. Care for me. Take me home where I will be free, lest I remain in this place forever" (456: 17-32).

" Those who cry out, 'Forgive me, Father I am so sorry. I want to be where you are.' That's so inviting, so welcome, and the worst of sinners, even those most in need of His mercy, are given that chance" (474: 46-53).

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