In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen .

In God's Love

famous painting of Jesus' temptation in the desert by Ary Scheffer 1858.  Jesus and Satan on a rocky hill top.  Satan showing Jesus the Earth below and Jesus pointing to God in Heaven Jesus with halo and Satan with black wings

What does

In God's Love

say about Satan?

" When we tell you that Satan is real believe it. Have no doubts. His power is great. You are in great danger. His Spirit is a spirit of lies and deception, and his biggest lie is that God is not real. His second is that he is not real, and there is no place called Hell . . . [He is] a spirit who is false and pretending to be God. This spirit tells people that sin is fun. He lies to you. When you fall into his clutches forever, things get serious. Then you see him face to face as he really is. If you listen to the evil one, you will come face to face with hate." (492: 18-24, 42-53). Read the whole Passage

" We are sorry for those who were tricked and deceived by this monster, the one, true monster. Actually, the only monster that exists" (528: 26-29).

" Real is he, and false his ways. Such sadness and pain has he to offer. Such foolish people who accept him for themselves and their children" (87: 7-10).

" The devil, the bad one, an evil spirit of Earth who took many foolish Earth children and abandoned them forever, was cast into his own, black, fiery pit, nevermore to rise up and deceive" (118: 17-22).

" On this world is an evil force that has entered the people of Earth. In such misery are these small ones on God's Earth. Such an evil force must be destroyed. Signs of death is the symbol. This is the evil spirit who is using Earth spirits to destroy God so this evil spirit can be king. Rest, saints, this evil one is powerful on the Earth only in spirits who accept him so foolishly. His power is of no strength beyond Earth's sun. In this, take wisdom: this is the prince of fools. Such an ugly Earth creature, is this him? Yes. This is foolishness. Is his way wise or the ways of fools? In his spirit, you cannot rest, and what creature does not seek rest? Rest is in God" (227: 41-58).

" He [Satan] would rather see people not care about each other or God because Satan does not care. He laughs at those who lose their homes, families and their souls. He likes to see people become like him hateful and uncaring. He calls Earth people, 'filth' and 'slime'. He tells people they don't deserve anything. He says we are worms that crawl around without purpose. Is this the kind of master you want to rule you for all eternity? He is so pleased when a foolish person cries, "I can't take it here" and that person jumps off a high wall and his or her soul lands right into the arms of the most vile, heartless creature who ever was. He laughs when, in the process of, 'all is lost,' one loses the last, precious commodity of all" (481: 37-54).

" These are the ones Satan told us were weak and would not rise against him. Satan was wrong" (530: 40-43).

" On Earth shall all things be recreated as before. Sounds of gladness shall sing forever. Songs of life shall never die. The evil one shall never rise up in Earth again. This is a new Heaven and a new Earth. In some dead planet, bound forever, traveling through endless darkness, is this song of death and destruction" (244: 25-32).

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