In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen .

In God's Love

black and white image of down cast man.  face only many shadows, sad, sorrow

What does

In God's Love

say about suffering?

" While you wait much suffering is relieved by your words to God" (21: 16-17).

" Sorrow is a saint of God. She brings in sinners. This is seen. Each one who embraces her comes humbly and rises swiftly to sanctity" (214:15-19).

" Wisdom is sent to small ones who suffer in Earth's toil. Suffering is soon gone, and then you see that sorrow is virtue's child perfecting the souls of Earth saints. Is sorrow a saint in God's Spirit? Why is she working in God's Spirit? God does not want beings to suffer. Then why is this spirit in God's plans? Suffering is not virtue's reason. Virtue is inscribed in the beginning. Sorrow is not inscribed in the beginning. Sorrow wages war against people of Earth. In this, is it understood. She chastises while people journey on Earth. Such sorrow cleanses saints of Earth. Sorrow detests that her spirit is used in God's plans. In spirits who sing, she is a way in God's Spirit. In her world, she is hell" (353: 16-33).

" When Earth people turn away from God, they are on their own. The protection of God is lost. The wrath of God is upon the unprotected spirit, if that is what you want to call it. Spirits of Earth who do not accept God's Fatherhood are releasing their own poisonous energy with its deadly venom out upon the Earth. God does not send punishment on people of the Earth. People make their own destruction" (423: 16-26). Read the whole Passage

" God does not let evil happen. Earth people deny God's protection and lets evil in. Beloved ones, evil is powerful and real. The evil one has power. Where God is not invited, the evil one moves in. The evil one makes things happen. This thing has no mercy. This is what happens when people throw God out of their lives. There is no mercy where God is not living" (435: 11-18).

" Sweet are the rewards for the sorrows spent in life's song. Beloved saints on Earth's journey, this is why you must accept suffering patently on Earth. The very sorrows of Earth are the cause of your joys in worlds to come. This is why you arrive so blessed" (348: 10-15).

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