In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen .

In God's Love

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What does

In God's Love

say about the book

In God's Love?

(NOTE: They never call the book that title or any other title.)

"Blessed is this book. It is sent from God's heart" (372: 13-14).

". . . In all his wisdom, Solomon never rose in such wisdom as is given in these books" (202: 10-12).

" God's Spirit is in every word. So carefully is it written, kind and true. Such love is in this message. Such music is seen in this book. Right are its teachings. Blessed is its song" (169: 6-12).

" This is the voice of saints, of saints who speak. Earth's saints, be still. Do not speak back. Our messages are from the Most High God whose Spirit no one questions" (197: 18-22).

" O inspirational beauty, in God's Spirit, rest and sing. Reach so sweetly, O blessed book of such beauty" (130: 4-6).

" On all Earth, in all human beings, sing out so sweetly in God's Spirit. Sign of signs is this book" (130: 7-11).

" Is this message truth? In this song, take wisdom. Whether it came from other worlds or the heart of a person, in this song is such love and blessings from God. In this, take you convictions. In all times has any book ever been written that teaches such love and inspiration as these books? Could the bad one send such beauty to spirits of Earth? Such things that in such wisdom would bring in so many souls? No, people of Earth, this is not what the evil one wants. In his rage, his temper is boiling, and his insults would like to sing out on these pages, but God's Spirit will not let this happen. Songs of great beauty from the mysterious and enchanting creations of other worlds fill these pages with praises and blessings of God. O children of God, come and behold His wonders. These things are revealed to saints and little ones" (295: 24-44).

" If you find things in these writings that you don't believe, that's OK. Everyone sees differently. This is not our motive. We are not trying to teach you a new belief. We are trying to inspire you to seek a better way, a good way that is filled with love, order and peace. We are trying to help all people find the truth, so that the truth will be in you, and it will set you free. When everyone begins to see what is true and realize that there is a God who cares and understands the needs of each individual on the Earth, then God's Kingdom will come and His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven" (480: 52-65).

" Some people will read and understand, while others will not take this message seriously. Taking the authentic value of this message is not important. Here is the reason why this message must be heard. Sons and daughters of Earth, it does not matter where this message came from. It is a good message. It is real, and truth comes out of it. Truth that could not come from an evil source. Those who listen, listen well. Here is the heart of this book. Turn your hearts to your God. Love Him and obey HIs precepts. Sing out with love and believe that God exists" (445: 9-22).

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