In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen .

In God's Love

bright image of Earth in the center of a dark blue space dotted with many white and light blueish stars

What does

In God's Love

say about Creation?

" Without God, creation would not exist . . . This is the Spirit of all life. He is why things are" (473: 4, 7-8).

" Earth is the spirit of God's creation" (73: 26).

" Earth, Earth, God is your Creator. O such a blessed Creator. So very in order is our Earth creation. Blessed is our God who fashioned her and molded her in His sacred image. Come see such a God" (135: 29-34).

" Blessed is the God who fashioned you. Blessed are the hands that molded you out of the dust of the Earth" (136: 1-3).

" In a special way, God created a young spirit in such beauty and called her Earth. So perfect was she. O very perfect was her beauty. In the days of Earth's childhood, she danced and sang. In her glory, such sounds of blessed delight were in her song. O sweet Earth, while you were young, wisdom called you her own. She ran on your mountains and played in your valleys. Your spirit was her delight" (164: 10-19).

" His singing is in His creation. His Spirit is in this beautiful music. Music is God's child. She is both soothing to God's creations and a delight to God. God's creatures are created in music" (385: 18-22).

" He chose you to be His adoptive child. What a marvelous gift. Blessings of life are sent to you from God. He did not have to choose you to receive this gift. He could have chosen another being of His choosing, but He didn't. He chose you to share in His delights. You are so precious. You are so wanted. Why were you chosen? Why did God choose you? He chose you because He wanted you. He wanted you to live forever and share in His gifts and mysteries of eternal life" (465: 8-23).

" Earth is in your spirit. Earth shall stay in her children forever. This is the way the human race was created" (408: 16-18).

" Earth people could have roamed the Earth as senseless as a wild boar. On Earth, animals are made for human beings. This is a God who honored you and made you human instead of being a wild dog that roams the forest in search of prey. What a gift. He made you human. He chose you to share in His delights forever" (491: 18-26).

" God made human beings and gave men and women a mind, a consciousness, a reality. God made human beings and woke His creation up. God has been forever. If you think that is a mystery, think, how did God give beings life? How did He wake up His creation" (487: 20-27)?

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