In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen .

In God's Love

flaming red heart abstract with white and yellow flames forming the outline of a heart

What does

In God's Love

say about

God's love?

" Have you heard the most wonderful music on Earth? Mmm. Hold your baby with love and tenderness. God's love is like this, only a zillion of times more intensified. This is what it's all about" (469: 18-22).

" He chose to love His creation. That is His choice. God who chooses to love, what a blessing. We cannot ask for more than this. His love sustains all of His Creation" (468: 20-25).

" God is so merciful to all who seek mercy" (18: 9).

" God loves you all. Amen" (21: 30).

" He sees and comforts with a Father's heart" (24: 5).

" God sees all your sorrows" (28: 3).

" He [God] wishes only to give and asks only that you be obedient children so that all people can live freely on God's Earth" (28:14-16).

" This is my heart crying out to a loving Father who cares about my needs. He understands who I am and when I hurt" (519: 3-5).

" Blessed God is pleading with you" (60: 13).

" Such a God who bled and died for small Earth creatures. Such love is only found in our God. This is the spirit in saints. It is the King's love for His subjects. That kind, blessed God let His subjects nail Him to a cross, yet He kept right on being King, and, in His love, saved HIs executioners from the fires of hell" (276: 23-29).

" This is written: 'God is slow to anger, very slow to anger, very merciful. Very quick to turn His anger away" (98: 17-19).

" His love is life, and all the desires of creation are in the Holy Spirit. It teaches Earth creations, in God is all life. To seek less is death and sorrow forever" (381: 21-24).

" The sinner is loved equally as the saint is loved. So what is the difference? The difference is God never stopped loving, though the sinner stopped loving God. God never turns His back on anyone. He never stops listening. God is always there. His love never fails" (475: 19-26).

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