In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen .

In God's Love

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What does

In God's Love

say about Hell?

"Woe to you who do not love God. You are like a woman who has endured the pains of childbirth, and your baby is lying dead in your arms. You have suffered the pain and have found only sadness and death as your reward" (470: 20-24).

Those who do not please God shall stay in great sorrow" (43: 15).

"Kind ones, in God is life with no end. Righteous spirits, oh blessed ones of Earth, can you see why no life can exist without God? Can you see why those who are given the gift of eternal life and do not seek God's love take such a promise in very real death. Eternal rest is wisdoms' child. Eternal death is life without God's love" (183: 21-29).

"Small Earth creatures who do not sing, such sorrow is in store for these small ones. When they see God and His works, such sorrow comes upon them. When their eyes are opened and, in His Spirit, there is no place for them because there were no works seen in Earth's toil. Such sorrow is reached" (375: 21-28).

Why do you insist on going to a place where you will suffer the most excruciating pain, more pain than you have ever known" (425: 7-9)?

Every scary thing will possess your being. You will be unloved and uncared for in a dark and confusing place filled with foul odor and smoke. Women will be raped over and over, and men will find no pleasure in their attacks. Satan will laugh and laugh. So wickedly, he will laugh. He has no beauty, and he has no mercy. People will wish death upon themselves, but there will be no more death. People will say there is no God because, for them, He will be no more. His love will long for them, but He cannot reach them. Those who do not accept God on Earth will not be able to have Him when they cross over" (492: 56-71). Read the whole Passage

"God does not enter Hell. That is a place where God has been rejected. He does not want to go there. He could go there if He desired, because God can do all things, but He does not interfere with a spirit's freewill, and every spirit who enters those gates is a spirit who has rejected God and decided to strike out on his/her own. All those who have taken this path have made a decision while on the Earth. God does not desire to go or stay where He is not wanted" (524: 21-30).

"His [Satan's] power will be confined to his kingdom, where he will rule with violence and hate. His kingdom is a place where all disease and filth shall be locked away, all the things Earth people loathes will be there . . . Those who arrive in his kingdom are his slaves" (528: 21-25, 30).

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