In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen .

In God's Love

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What does

In God's Love

say about God?

" Father, they call God" (36:1).

" Reaching out in the Spirit of Spirits who is God the Holy Spirit, in the Father and the Son who is Christ Jesus. In this reaching is life beyond peoples' imagination" (185: 1-5).

" He is the most lovely Being that ever existed. He is so young and beautiful. This is a God who is not an old man with a white beard and hair that is like cotton flying in the wind. Who told you this is true? This is a being so lovely that Earth beings cannot gaze upon Him in their Earthly state. He is so polite and gentle. He never shouts at His creation. He never roars like a lion. He never comes charging out of Heaven with bolts of fire to punish people of Earth for their offenses. Much has been told you that is not true . . . His Spirit is soft like a breeze. His eyes are lovely and soft like the blue in the sky. His hair is soft and wavy like the hair of a newborn baby. We are so taken to His charm and poise. Where did you hear that God was big and scary? We have no fear of this mild, gentle Being . . . Here is a God who is so small in stature. His Spirit is vast. His inspirational music is so lovely. Earth beings, you were truly made in God's image . . . only one is intelligent and wise, yet He is simple and humble in nature... This is His nature. He is polite and sensitive" (437:6-18, 28-33, 43-46, 77-78, 92). Read the whole Passage

" God is a good person. He is not mean and grumpy. He wants to help you find your way home" (447: 19-21).

"... God so inspiring, so interesting, O spirit, so full of delight, so full of joy, so full of singing, generous God, loving God, spirit of the poor Earth children, spirit all good, spirit without limit, spirit who cares, O God of eternal rest, righteous Father, sweet order and stature, keeper of such order, blessed God of patience in all ways, blessed God of creation ... O Wonderous, wonderful God, filled with mystery and expectation" (48: 20-31, 35-36).

" In this comes God's Spirit. Spirit of Spirits, sign of signs, comfort of comfort, rest of rest, blessed of blessed. This is righteous. This is truth" (69: 5-12).

" This is a time for many signs. Some signs are not from God. Do not accept all signs. If such unusual appearances come, call on God, and He will swiftly come to your aid. Speak to Him in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Such spirits who are from God love this welcoming. Such spirits who are signs of sorrow very quickly flee from God, whose very spirit is reached in such calling. In God's love, there are no such signs. In God's signs, such blessed love and peace are felt. Such blessed beauty and kindness are in the Holy Spirit who is from God" (101: 14-30).

" His nature is kind and gentle. Look at a flower. Turn it in your hand. How does it feel? God's nature is like that. He is as gentle as the soft petal from the flower you are holding in your hand. He is such a delight and so much more. Your God is an awesome Being. His merriment is beyond what any creation has ever known" (433: 23-27). Read the whole Passage

" God shall nourish the spirit and satisfy the thirst of the soul. All else is in vain" (121: 22-23).

" God is such a Spirit who plays with little children. He soothes and comforts small Earth babies. He blesses these small ones. In such understanding, come see a mighty God who reaches the smallest things in HIs Creation. Such is our God. Very spirit of spirits. Very body of bodies. Kindness is in His heart. Strength is in His coming. Rest is in His ways" (135: 15-25).

" Spirit of God, bliss, O perfect bliss, sacred light in a dark world, music with special melody, keeper of all that is sacred and holy, Spirit with no beginning, Spirit that has no end, Holy Ghost who remains forever in such splendor with the Father and the Son" (153: 19-26).

" His voice is such music, and His laughter fills all things with gladness. In your Father's Spirit, live the joys of childhood. This is His way, O people of Earth. Blessed is this God of such joy. Blessed is His playful Spirit" (280: 10-15).

" In all creation, never was there such beauty. In this Being is all beauty, all peace, and all inspiration. So sacred is God's spiritual music. If you could put all the beauties of Earth together and add them to all creation and lovely things beyond Earth's wildest dreams so that rapture carries your spirit away in its ecstasy, never would all these wonders come near to the beautiful Creator who is God" (360: 12-20).

" You have such a playful Father. His Spirit skips with small children in the meadow. Is He the creator of small children? This is so. In this, take wisdom. Who has put such delight in small ones" (370:7-12).

" God is a kind, gentle Father. This is the type of person you would like to know. He is the kindest person you could ever meet" (423: 5-7). Read the whole Passage

" God is young. His youth is forever" (379: 12-13).

" His beauty is all beauty. His love is all love. His life is all life" (514: 10-12).

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