Passage 1-10

Passage 49

This Is More Wisdom

Than All That Is Taught: Pray,
For Kindness Is in Speaking

to the Ones You Love

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen.

In such inspirational beauty,
start this prayer with your spiritual heart.
While blessing, would you righteous spirits pray
with a kind, saintly spirit?
God is so pleased when you speak to Him.
This is more wisdom than all that is taught.
Rise up in God's love.
Speak about everything.
God hears.
God is so pleased.
His heart is ever kind.
When you pray, while you wait, speak so sweetly.
Bless the sky when it makes you happy.
Such words spoken are spoken to God in prayer.
In all blessings, let God know how you feel.
Sing out in such beauty.
Bring each of your moments in speaking to God.
With righteous songs of songs, come.
This is your way to God.
Blessed are you who share your spirits with God.
Very blessings in God's Spirit are yours.
Kindness is in speaking to the ones you love,
so spare not your kind words.
God is close. While you speak, God listens.
God's Spirit speaks to your heart.
Spirits who are so special
see peace and comfort.
Earth children, rest with God.
Very understanding is your Father who hears so wisely.
In God's Spirit, stay not silent.
In speaking comes understanding in God's love. Amen.

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