In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen .

In God's Love

Photo Credits

photo of Janet Hurlow, facing camera, tan sweater, white blouse, smile, slightly tinged glasses black hair, sitting at a table with hands folded brown booth in diner

Enlightening Images

Photo of Janet Hurlow

two hands holding the Earth

I - Photo 000003672706

flaming red heart abstract with white and yellow flames forming the outline of a heart

Fire Heart 961194 Pixabay

Gloria Williams Red-Heads-Rule

image of the night sky, many many many stars, blue, different shades of blue, white stars

Fabrice Nerfin

puHQJ2d3MDg Unsplash

night sky, stars, water, mist, dark rocks,

Night 4833149 Dorothe Darkmoom Art Pixabay

Fabrice Nerfin puHQJ2d3MDg Unsplash & Church 5240404 GDC Gordon Johnson Pixabay & composed by Enlightening Images

bright image of Earth in the center of a dark blue space dotted with many white and light blueish stars

NASA Archives 0202795 & stars 1436950 supra 19080 supra Pixabay & composed by Enlightening Images

sharp pointed very stylish ink pin top

Weapon 3043023 Colin Behrens Pixabay

image of world matted on an orange sunrise silhouette of people of cliff at bottom of image

Group of People 3722879 Gerd Altmann Pixabay

woman looking up light on her eyes looking in the light tan smokey praying

Shelby Miller A4aKW4XbrV4 Unsplash

black and white image facial of an old smiling man with beard glimmer in eyes

Mathias Konrath BBjW2qnixc Unsplash

images of world and image of the back of an Angel with the Angel facing the Earth

NASA Archives 17-148-22742 original & Samuel Zeller 484553 Unsplash & composition by Enlightening Images

Angel with light at breast with pen in right hand writing on an open book with glow

Angel 2665661 Enrique Meseguer Pixabay & Kiwihug 5bzMOpMTDRM Unsplash (the book) & composition by Enlightening Images

night sky northern hemisphere, image from NASA many stars some green gases with image of book In God's Love by Janet Hurlow and image of two hand holding the world

NASA Archives PIA 14874 & I-Photo 000003672706 & composition by Enlightening Images

night sky northern hemisphere, image from NASA many stars some green gases

NASA Archives PIA 14876

young woman sitting on bench facing the sunrise over the mountains, yellowish

Sage Friedman HSSCLnQbCOc Unsplash

mother holding her infant in a blanket, calm soothing

Kelly Sikkema Z4GKcFAGck4 Unsplash

sunrise beside a mountain ridge red hues

Ales Krivec vMwcWBEBPg Unsplash

black and white image mans face downcast. Many shadows

Model 2598393 Engin Akyurt Pixabay

silhouette of mom dad and two kid in-between them holding hands while facing the sunrise some ocean water too

Jude Beck anWU0o73r4 Unsplash

silhouette of woman's back  standing windy facing a hazy sunset mostly blueish pinkish colors, hazy

Sasha Freemind XoZZzKHTHg Unsplash

young woman leaning against tree looking up trees in background, pink sweater hat, smiling,

woman 3411790 silviarita Silvia Pixabay

silhouette of man kneeling and praying in front of lake with woods surrounding it sunrise mostly white with some fog

Aaron Burden lPCu8HnGU2E Unsplash

flowers in a green fields clouds in sky, overcast skies

Joel Holland TRhGEGdw-YY Unsplash

Himalayas mountains with blue starry sky white clouds

Himalayas 2301040 ID 12019 Pixabay

clam lake, green mountains, rocky islands with threes, sunlit day with clouds

waters 3102729 jplenio Pixabay

lake with sunrise, sunrise also reflected in lake mountains meet the lake red, yellow and gray hues

Landscape 2035512 unknown Pixabay

famous image of Turin, image of the dead Jesus

Turin 1274438 Malteser Muenchen Pixabay

holy water font with water and a cross.  person's fingers dipping in the water,

Enlightening Images 001

silhouette of back of old man with cane walking among the clouds starry night bright moon, hues blueish green gray

Say Good Bye 2890801 Myriams Foto Pixabay

close up of red rose dark edges of image rich dark red

Rose 266611 Bergadder Robert Balog Pixabay

person walking in the woods trees with green leaves, on a wide path with yellow and brown leaves, beginning of fall, white light in distance on the path, but still woods, shadow of the person is long,

Forest 4710937 Tama66 Peter H. Pixabay

image God's finger touching the Earth white sparks also moon over some of the Earth, purple blue white and black

Surreal 1447617 Barroa Artworks Pixabay

famous painting of Jesus' temptation in the desert by Ary Scheffer 1858.  Jesus and Satan on a rocky hill top.  Satan showing Jesus the Earth below and Jesus pointing to God in Heaven Jesus with halo and Satan with black wings

Ary Scheffer 1858 Public Domain faithful reproduction by Alistair Macrobert lELylnTGoge Unsplash

old man sitting on bench beside old house reading wood shack weeds and rocks

oldman 3617304 jplenio Pixabay

Emotions 4998032 (all but the book) ID 512893 Pixabay & Book cover image I-Photo 000003672706 Composed by Enlightening Images

conception - image in an image - big image God's finger touching the Earth white sparks also moon over some of the Earth, purple blue white and black, smaller center image microscopic image of a single human sperm making contact with an human egg - conception - black, light yellow. white

Surreal 1447617 Barroa Artworks Pixabay & wikipedia/commons/8/86/Sperm-egg.jpg author unknown & Composed by Enlightening Images

side view pregnant mother, black pants and top but womb area exposed, image of baby in womb area woman holding a flower

pregnant 1130612 Wendy Corniquet Pixabay & baby 784608 Tawny Nina Pixabay & composed by JooJoo pregnant 4089490 Pixabay

many hands reaching everywhere, fire orange and yellow everywhere

hands 1124699 Peggy und Marco Lachmann - Anke Pixabay & publicdomain- 432379,1287933131,5 & Composed by Enlightening Images

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