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In God's Love

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Question 27

How does the book

 In God's Love

relate to the

Catholic Church? 

If you do not care about the what the Catholic Church says, or if you dislike the Catholic Church or all churches then you are better off skipping this question and judging this book on its own merits.

You read. You discover. You decide.

I am a Christian who is Catholic and so this question concerns me and perhaps other people as well. Along with the Catholic Church , I believe there is one God who made everything. We believe that God is a Trinity: Father, Son who is Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus is God and Man, was born, lived, suffered and died and rose from the dead. We believe there is a Heaven and a Hell and an evil being called Satan. Many other Christian Churches may believe some or all of these things too. To me it seems like the author's of In God's Love believe these things too. So I do not see any conflict between In God's Love and the Catholic Faith.

I am not a theologian, so I asked a friend of mine who has a degree in Theology and is a Catholic their opinion. My friend wrote a lengthy response called The Presentation: A theological presentation of In God's Love written by Janet Hurlow and How it relates to the Catholic Faith. It is a little over 960 paragraphs. Even the title is long. My goal was and is to get In God's Love and my friend's work to the Pope. My friend said that other people could read it if they want to. It is available here.

How does the book In God's Love relate to the Catholic Church ?

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You read. You discover. You decide.