In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen .

In God's Love

blueish purple and black and white image, hand of God reaching Earth white sparks where touching.  The moon is also near the Earth

What does

In God's Love

say about

homosexual actions?

"Take no part in the sins of Sodom. This insults God's very nature. In rising in God's Spirit, keep a clean spirit always. While you wait, remember Sodom's punishment. O such sadness came on that day. Very same is in store for all such vicious spirits who take this nature. Soon, very soon, this sin shall see an end. All who practice such acts are seen taking this inspirational message with an unquenching fire that shall burn the spirit both day and night, O God, in all your wrath. In this state, God will very swiftly strike this unruly group on Earth in such a time. In this swift cleansing, Sodom was a small sign of wrath compared with what is to come. Small, tiny Sodom, God came on that day so swiftly. So swiftly He comes" (122: 10-29).

"Sodom is a sad situation invented by Satan as an outward insult to God and His Creation. In the beginning, God made man and He made woman. And in the man, He put man's nature. And in the woman, He put the nature of a female. So was it done. So shall it be. God is pleased in His Creation, and it shall not be changed. O foolish generation, what have you in mind? Virtue vomits you out. Her spirit is a very clean spirit who takes no part in such spirits" (122: 43-55).

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