In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen .

In God's Love

night sky with stars, water, mist and  rocks

What does

In God's Love

say about the messengers?

" Blessed saints of special quality are God's saints who are of another creation" (143:3).

" God is our Creator and Father. Inspirational beauty sings in our hearts, and pleasing God is our only desire. Reached is Earth from a far planet in the north constellation. Such sweet, righteous people are in our world, blessed and true"(143:8-13).

" Spirit of Earth children, sing in sorrow. Spirits of other creations, sing in such perfect harmony with the Holy Spirit" (181:15-18).

" People of Earth do not know the treasures of God. In such treasures, our spirits are resting. We have chosen very wisely" (195:12-14).

" In our world is God's Word, and, when His voice speaks so sweetly, no one speaks back. This is as it should be. God's Word is never questioned. In this, understand: our world is silent. Songs of such beauty fill our spirits in God's love" (196:18-24).

" These are the saints of God who speak. These are the inhabitants of another world filled with mystery and wonder for Earth people. Signs of life are in the cosmos" (197: 12-15).

" We are the children of the cosmos. We are the people from the stars. In God's Spirit, we come and have always come. In times past, human beings of Earth called us gods in such ignorance. We returned to our world in God's Spirit, soon to come to Earth again. Most beloved saints, we are not God. God is our Father and Creator. This must be understood when you see our gifts. Understand, they are from God. In God is our coming. In His sending, we come. Take our Creator who is also your Creator" (287:20-32).

" Our wisdom comes from God. Our creation is signs of life in other worlds. In our world, in God's music, virtue sings. So sweet are our spirits' songs of inspiration. Songs of perfection fill our world" (329:8-14).

" Most interesting are such beings who suffer pain. This is an experience known only to people of Earth and God's child. Who is this creature who is seen suffering with songs of courage in their breast? It is with such creatures we wish to communicate. This is a symbol in our song which our saints do not understand. What is suffering and death" (348:18-25).

" We are old compared to Earth's timing. Beings with signs of the past are in our world. Our sons and daughters are as old as the Earth, yet as young as spring is this song of life in creation" (379:18-21).

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