In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen .

In God's Love

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What does

In God's Love

say about

our freewill?

" Make you choice. Will you choose an eternity of happiness, or will you choose an eternity of pain. Make your decision. Spirit of truth and love or a spirit of deception and hate" (454: 11-17).

" Earth is a strange place. Such courage and wisdom are in some, while others do not see. Earth people who should understand are so foolish. Come, put away your foolish ways. Put on the cloak of wisdom which is in God's Spirit. Earth people, very close are you to His calling. Such rest waits for those who are wise. Such sadness waits for those who are foolish" (136: 16-24).

" Bitter is the cup set before the wicked. Would you drink from such a bitter chalice when the sweet wine is passed? Would you choose the bitter? This is foolish. Such is the wickedness of Earth people. The wise choose the sweet wine which is the chalice of God and the saints. Such a blessed cup. Wise are all who drink from the chalice of the Lamb and do not pass it up. In this is wisdom" (172: 21-32).

" Your song is sung. Was it a blessed song" (111:6-7)?

" Come, cast out this evil one. In him is death, abandonment and darkness. In him is falsehood and agony. Human beings do not desire these things, and are seeking them out. Earth people sing a foolish song. Come, speak to God, the author of truth. His Spirit is light, life, and happiness. His Spirit is care and knowledge. All these things, every person of Earth desires. Why are such small ones so foolish who do not take what they want? God's love is free and beautiful. O Earth people, God is kind, gentle and blessed" (304: 12-24).

" Cast out evil desires. Wise are you to do so. Fill your hearts with God's spiritual desires, and there will be no room for evil desires. Such pleasures will rob your spirit of such beauty as spirit of Earth desires. Wisdom comes in such spirits who know how to stay lovely" (326: 20-26).

" There is a time to take and a time to give. Some people are great givers but are too proud to take . . . Some people walk away with the unwanted gift, they feel as if it is worthless and throw it away. True friends give and receive . . . God has a gift for His children. Those who receive the gift accept eternal happiness. Those who do not have the gift have thrown it away. They do not accept God as a friend" (499: 1-2, 8-10, 13-20).

" Each person of Earth takes such risks. In this Spirit, some are reaching so well, while others are not. God is calling all Earth's beings, each and every one. Not one is passed. Such creatures cannot hide. The smallest and the mightiest must come and see God. The saint and the sinner are called in, and those who seek God's love on Earth shall receive His glory in Heaven. Each one who waits until God calls takes their spirit in soiled robes. They come in unprepared and when their sprits look upon God their judgement is born within themselves" (204: 18-30).

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