Passage 3-10

Passage 423

The Sickness of Souls

Brings the Great Winds and the Volcano

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen.

Become kind on Earth.

Kind spirits are soothing to those

who are sorrowful on Earth.

Songs of a soothing nature, are sung in a kind spirit.

God is a kind, gentle Father.

This is the type of person you would like to know.

He is the kindest person you could ever meet.

When He must discipline His children on Earth, the inspiration is sent to heal souls who do not understand God's kindness. He is calling, "Come back to me."

This is all He asks of Earth people.

He asks to be loved and respected.

The very nature of God is kindness.

Our spirits are bathed in a kind spirit.

When Earth people turn away from God, they are on their own. The protection of God is lost.

The wrath of God is upon the unprotected spirit,

if that is what you want to call it.

Spirits of Earth who do not accept God's Fatherhood

are releasing their own poisonous energy

with its deadly venom out upon the Earth.

God does not send punishment on people of Earth.

People make their own destruction.

The unreachable spirit of the ungodly

is destroying God's beautiful Earth.

Beloved treasure of Earth, come see the nature of God. Rest in His kindness and peace.

God does not raise His voice.

He does not beat His dear ones in a great rage of anger. The nature of God is sweet and kind.

The sickness of people's souls

brings the great winds and the volcano.

What does the great book of all books say?

It says, "Human Beings have dominion over the animals and the elements of Earth."

Many people are proclaiming to be witches and devil worshipers on Earth.

They call upon the powers of the evil one. The evil ones are called out by those lost souls who do not love God.

The devil does his own thing when he is protected by one or many who have dominion over the Earth. Very mild is the viewing of a horror movie compared to the real power of evil. Does this thing have power? Yes, he does, if beings want him to have power.

Those who turn away from God and desire this creature to rule their lives are playing around with real horror.

Very much power is seen in an ungodly spirit.

This is Hell brought forth.

Sons and daughters of Earth are Earthquakes fun?

Is mighty hot rock and lava spraying out of a mountain and destroying lives, homes,. cities and properties fun?

Sorcery is a very risky game.

The unleashing of evil spirits on the Earth is its goal. Someone loves you

and wants you to be so well inspired and cared for. Someone is sending you a love letter. In this letter is a gift. It is a very good gift. Read the message,

take the gift and, in doing so, become wise.

Make an effort to become the dear, sweet nature

God made you to be.

Keep a love song in your heart.

Be so well cared for. In God's love. Amen.

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