Passage 5-10

Passage 437

God's Nature

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen.

Beloved Spirits, it is our Father who sings in your hearts. Blessed is His song of goodness and joy.

You gave your heart to this Spirit

whom you didn't know or understand.

Right in this message is a hint of who this Spirit is like.

He is the most lovely Being that ever existed.

He is so young and beautiful.

This is a God who is not an old man with a white beard and hair that is like cotton flying in the wind.

Who told you this is true?

This is a being so lovely that Earth beings cannot gaze upon Him in their Earthly state.

He is so polite and gentle.

He never shouts at His creation.

He never roars like a lion.

He never comes charging out of Heaven with bolts of fire to punish people of Earth for their offenses.

Much has been told to you that is not true.

This Father is so special and so different from what people of Earth expect Him to be.

Be so special in His Spirit. You are very kind and gentle. Is that what God is like?

Yes, you are trying to achieve God's nature.

His nature is so loving and kind.

Does this sound like a Spirit who would throw bolts of lightning at His creation?

His Spirit is soft like a breeze.

His eyes are lovely and soft like the blue in the sky.

His hair is soft and wavy like the hair of a newborn baby. We are so taken to His charm and poise.

Where did you hear that God was big and scary?

We have no fear of the mild, gentle Being.

We respect Him beyond respect because we want only to do His will and be in His good favor.

He is the true gift above all else.

We would be satisfied to gaze upon Him alone for all eternity.

His gifts are of little significance compared to God Himself.

You are going to be so surprised.

Here is a God who is so small in stature. His Spirit is vast. His inspirational music is so lovely.

Earth beings, you were truly made in God's image.

Small Earth people, He can create anything.

His creations are limitless. Worlds are His.

He loves all His creations.

We are so delighted with our Creator.

His Spirit reaches out to everything He has made. Without a doubt, this is His Creation.

What we are, you will see when you arrive.

When you arrive, He will come to you,

and your heart will be filled with love and peace.

In all things, never have you looked upon such a Being. Why would Earth beings give up such a spiritual experience?

Those who do not stay will spend eternity desiring to know this Being of light and music.

Those who do not stay with us go to a dark, empty void of a place where nothing exists except lost souls.

We are sorry for those who are not staying with us.

Come, behold the most spectacular Being, the most beautiful, the most interesting Being that ever was. Become wise and trust your God.

He is someone easy to talk to.

Reach Him on Earth, and He will help you.

Take His hand. Reach Him and trust Him.

Remember, those of you who think you are intelligent, God is just Himself, yet He is the most intelligent Being that has ever existed.

What do people of Earth think He is?

Here is a lesson to be learned: live a simple, humble life. Very smart, little Earth people, only one is intelligent and wise, yet He is simple and humble in nature.

He does not demand things to be the way He wants them to be.

He does not order people around.

He has given the rules so order can be maintained, and, if Earth people do not listen to these rules, then human beings destroy themselves.

God seldom shows off with flashes of light.

This is a Being who neither shows off nor interferes. Have you seen a little of His nature? Good.

Then behold how much you hurt this loving Being by turning your heart away from His good Spirit.

He is sensitive to your rudeness.

This is a sensitive Being, gentle in nature, small in stature and so lovely to look upon.

This is His nature: He is polite and sensitive.

Would you go to a business meeting and throw wine in the face of a well mannered business person?

Would you insult someone in authority?

If you did this ill-mannered thing to a gentle person, you would be so ill bred.

You would be someone who grew up in a house where manners and education were not taught.

This is what the people of Earth are doing to God.

They are throwing wine into the face of a gentle person of high authority.

These beings are showing God that they have very bad manners.

Dear ones, nothing is so rude as to show your bad manners in front of God.

His manners are awesome.

They are so respectful and courteous.

He would never be impolite to anyone in all creation.

It is God who has made beings polite to each other. Bless Him with goodness and love.

Bless His Holy name. Keep in His Spirit.

Keep Him in your heart. In God's love. Amen.

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