Passage 9-10

Passage 506

Go Out Among the Needy

and Be One in Spirit as Jesus Did

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen.

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for they shall see God.

Who are the poor in spirit? What does this mean?

Does it mean those who are humble are those who accept what God gives them without question?

How wise it is to be humble. Blessed are the humble.

To be humble is to accept all people as equal to oneself.

Keep God's Spirit. His Spirit reaches out to all people.

Be kind to the poor. Take that dirty hand. It is God's hand.

God made it and loves it so very very much.

Sit with the most unlikely to succeed.

Take God's very small, messy child into your arms and kiss the tear of a small , dirty face.

Be so kind. Mingle with the poor and needy.

God's church going people on Earth can care for themselves. Those poor, little souls in need are His dear ones who are poor in body and spirit.

This is the way. Mingle with the poor.

Mingle with the uneducated. Teach the ignorant. Clothe the naked. Feed the hungry. Here is the secret.

Become the ignorant. Become the one in need of clothing.

Become the hungry and downtrodden.

Go out among the needy and be one in spirit as Jesus did.

Who was Jesus? He was King.

Did He appear to be a King while He was on the Earth?

Did He seem to be God among the people of Earth?

Jesus became human. He became human in spirit.

His Spirit was God, yet He chose to take the spirit of the poor, blind, crippled and leper.

Who was Jesus? Why did He not claim His Kingdom on Earth? Why did He become humble as a sheep led to the slaughter? He became human because He wanted to know the feelings of Earth people.

He wanted to know what it was like to feel pain, go hungry, feel the cold wind, suffer and die.

Jesus went out among the homeless.

He became like a thief hanging on a cross.

He became a meek and humble man, yet He is God.

After Jesus did all of this, He was complete.

God knows everything.

He knew everything from the beginning of forever.

Yet He was perfectly happy,

free from pain, free from Satan's power.

He had to be a human, to feel as a person in their flesh and blood, to suffer and die as a person suffers and dies.

Then, God was fulfilled. He was something beyond Himself.

His children had to do it, so He sang the sad song of humanity. He sang in His creation. It was a beautiful song He sang.

People of Earth could no longer look up and say, "You are God. You don't know what we are going through."

What a God we have.

He is kind and loyal to His Creation

So blessed is God. In God's love. Amen.

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