Passage 10-10

Passage 508

Speak to God, Ask Him Whatever You Desire

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen.

O my God, how can I speak to one

who is as awesome as You are?

How can I speak to You in this lowly state of existence?

I have not been so faithful as I should have been.

I have not loved as I should have loved.

Who am I that I should be so worthy?

With this thought in mind, I am humbled before One who is exalted above all that is made, for His Spirit is to be respected and revered.

Some Earth people feel in this way and do not pray because they feel they are unworthy to stand before the King.

Others are so respectful they ask friends to speak for them because those who have crossed over are closer to God.

They have perfect faith in Him, and their love is fulfilled.

Those who ask friends to pray for them are understood.

This practice is done very well.

Those who feel so unworthy in the presence of God

are thinking wrong thoughts.

This is the God who came to Earth. He became man.

The people of Earth are His Creation.

He understands Earth people very well.

Sons and daughters of Earth, God has made you worthy to enter into His presence and speak to Him in whatever way you desire. You are are His creation. You are His children.

Some people ask God to forgive their offenses.

Others on Earth praise God and thank Him for everything. Some people ask God to heal their bodies

so that they can serve Him more fully.

Others offer their suffering to Him in remissions for sins.

It is done.

Whatever way you pray, however it is done, speak to God.

Ask Him whatever you desire.

Remember this: God does not condemn people

for how they pray.

Some beings are very quiet and they kneel reverently.

Others are noisy and pray in a loud voice.

It's OK to pray with a loud voice.

It's OK to pray with a loud voice if one desires,

but remember this: God can hear the most feeble whisper

or the most tiny thought.

He has made life that people have never seen.

He has made the smallest animals

that cannot be seen with the most powerful microscope.

He has made planets and stars larger than what the mind of Earth people can imagine.

He can hear the smallest prayer. He can hear the loudest prayer. God hears and answers all prayers.

People respect God by refraining from sin, believing in His precepts and loving Him above all things with their whole heart and soul. This is respect and reverence to your God.

When others are praying and silence is requested,

reverence and respect are in order for each other.

God has heard prayer on the field of battle. His reception is excellent. In God's love. Amen.

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