Passage 8-10

Passage 502

You Have Arrived Home

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen.

What is home? How do you describe home ?

Is it a place where you are loved?

Are you happy and at peace at home?

Best things are at home. Isn't that right?

You are always welcome, and you are free to do as you please. This is a good home. It is a home that is clean and comfortable. It is a place where you can find food and shelter.

People at home are always laughing and singing.

You can hear the singing as you come up the road.

Small people of Earth, this is where you want to be.

Blessings are felt while you are on your way.

Mom and dad are at the gate to welcome you home.

They throw their arms around you and hug you and kiss you with great tears of joy streaming down their faces.

All the relatives greet you and are so grateful that you got home safe.

Then you see your little brother and your little sister. They are so beautiful. They take your in and show you the great feast prepared in your honor.

This is you. You are so young and beautiful. You are so full of energy and life.

What happened to the old body? That person who was crippled and blind?

That person who could not remember who you were?

This is the day. This is the great and glorious day.

It is the beginning of a new day. You have arrived home!

How you cried to go home,

but you could not remember where home was.

How you were lost among strangers who did not love you, then you were on a road. It was a wonderful road.

You knew you were on the road leading home.

You could walk and talk. You could see and hear.

You felt so energetic and full of life.

You knew where you were for a long while. You did not know, but now you knew.

You could not remember where you had been.

Where you had been an old senior citizen didn't matter.

You wonder, "Where did the words "old people" come from?

It doesn't matter. This day, as the sun rises in the horizon,

a free person walks this road. In God's love. Amen.

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