Passage 2-10

Passage 207


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen.

Sirts rise up in defense of righteous saints.

On Earth, Sirts speak up on blessed behalf of this group who cannot speak for themselves.

Earth saints listen.

Blessed, righteous spirits speak out.

In Sirts, understanding, such understanding, is reached. Very sweetly on this Earth, speak,

creatures seen in God's Spirit.

Signs of life to be created.

Signs of life yet to come.

Very real in God's creations, yet to Earth,

things and creatures to come.

Be still. Listen. We are in a different time.

Sing in this, try not to understand.

Such very blessed ways are in our spirits.

So sweetly and slowly,

God's creations unfold in God's Spirit.

As a bud blooms into a flower,

seeds are Sirts in God's Spirit.

Real is a seed, yet it is not started.

Wisdom speaks, "Signs of life are in a seed."

Signs of life, come forth,

be created into a being in God's Spirit.

Kindness soon nourishes seeds of Sirts.

Spirits are very special. These are God's creatures.

God is forever and holds in His Spirit all creatures. Spirits of Earth, Sirts are small and defenseless.

Earth people, God holds each tiny seed in His Spirit

and calls them by name, "Sirts."

Sirts in all creation. Sirts are a seed, yet not started. Real and true, deep in the rich brown hull

of what is to be,

eager to sprout forth into the creature God wills.

Soon, the sprout takes shape

and blesses God in His creation.

On Earth, the seed is stifled, and the bud is pinched off. God calls a name very softly, and,

in response to His calling, there is no answer.

In this sign, God is very displeased.

Signs of life are in a seed.

Signs of life are created in a sprout.

Small, oh so small, when God calls, "Let there be life." The seed answers, "Yes, Father, let there be life."

Such signs are sacred in God's Spirit.

When such life is called in, inscribed in this way,

but unfulfilled in God's plans, God is displeased,

and, in HIs displeasure, it is unwise to stand.

Rise up, voices of spirits slain in such a way.

Cry for life, small ones of God.

Children of Earth, sing a song of Holy innocence.

Sing a song of Sirts.

Songs of such sorrow, songs of such crimes

reach Heaven in sorrow for their murderers.

Souls of such sweetness see rest in God's Spirit.

This is real life. Those who send such little ones kill the spirits of themselves, and this is self-aborted death.

In this, take wisdom. In God's love. Amen."

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