In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen .

In God's Love

In God's Love

Second Edition

Original Version 

In God's Love contains all 532 Passages that were given to Janet Hurlow.   The Passages are a treasure of wisdom, truth, knowledge, challenges, and most importantly love brought to us by beings of another world, who have been sent by God.  "Someone is sending you a love letter" (Passage 423:63).  "Blessed is this book.  It is sent from God's heart." (Passage 372:13-14). 

Some of the themes of In God's love are God, the universe, creation, free-will, suffering, Satan, morality, Jesus, prayer, wealth, sexuality, death, hell, Heaven, the messengers and their mission.  In God's love addresses many other topics in addition to these.  




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  • Q & A Preface

  • endnotes

  • index 

  • like ~ 680 pages plus Index and notes 

You read.  You Discover.  You decide.