In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen .

In God's Love

In God's Love

Second Edition   Inclusive Version 

In God's Love contains all 532 Passages that were given to Janet Hurlow.   Its content is identical to the Original Version.  The Passages are a treasure of wisdom, truth, knowledge, challenges, and most importantly love brought to us by beings of another world, who have been sent by God.  "Someone is sending you a love letter" (Passage 423:63).  "Blessed is this book.  It is sent from God's heart." (Passage 372:13-14). 

Some of the themes of In God's love are God, the universe, creation, free-will, suffering, Satan, morality, Jesus, prayer, wealth, sexuality, death, hell, Heaven, the messengers and their mission.  In God's love addresses many other topics in addition to these.  

About half  the time in the Original Version the messengers used the word "man" or "mankind" for the person or the human race.  These have been replaced by words like "person", "people", "people of Earth" and other words.  The feminine, masculine pronouns they use for spirits, God, objects, virtues, and other things have been retained in both versions.

The planned release date for

In God's Love

Second Edition Inclusive Version

as a PRINTED Book is September 30, 2022

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  • 680 printed pages plus index and notes

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