In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen .

In God's Love

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  6 = The End of the World and Afterwards 76 Passages from In God's Love  E-Book
  5 = Inspirational Passages Volume One 75 Select Passages from In God's Love E-Book
  4= Inspirational Passages Volume Two 74 More Select Passages from In God's Love E-Book 
  3 = God 73 Passages from In God's Love E-Book
  2 = Prayer 72 Passages from In God's Love E-Book 
  1 = The Afterlife 71 Passages from In God's Love E-Book


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Passage    1  Start in the Blessed Trinity ( 5 ) without music   ~  WITH MUSIC
Passage    2  God Sings a Virtuous Song in the Very Spirits Who Seek His Love  ~  without music  ~ WITH MUSIC
Passage    3  Chosen are You Who Accept God's Love in All Your Ways While You Wait  ~  without music  ~  WITH MUSIC
Passage    4  Time, Spirit of Special Beauty, is on Her Way Out  ~  without music  ~  WITH MUSIC
Passage    5  Use Prayer with Each Undertaking ( 2 ) without music  ~  WITH MUSIC
Passage    6  Ask God If He Will Set the Earth on a Right Standing  ~  without music  ~  WITH MUSIC
Passage    7  You are Righteous ( 2 ) without music ~ WITH MUSIC
Passage    8  The Time Has Come to Use Your Gifts
Passage    9  Seek Peace
Passage 10  Nothing Soothes and Takes Away Fear as Complete Trust in God's Spirit
Passage 11  You Cannot Love Without Such Spirit
Passage   12   Before  Dawn, Start Each Blessed Day in God's Love, For It Is a Sweet and Sacred Time When No Sorrow Shall Reach You ( 2 )
Passage   13  You Who Place God Above Earth's Gifts Shall Come to Enjoy All Things in Peace
Passage   14  Come, Little Children, Enjoy Life in God's Spirit
Passage   15  God's Little Ones Shall Be Called Earth's Blessed Righteous Dwellers ( 6 )
Passage   16  Rest and Peace are in Inspirational Beauty
Passage   17  Sound the Good News This Earth is Soon to See God in All His Splendor ( 6 )
Passage   18  Come, Mercy
Passage   19  Very Spirits of Earth, Sign Your Name in God's Love
Passage   20  You are in for Such a Surprise ( 3 )
Passage   21  While You Wait, Much Suffering is Relieved by Your Words to God ( 2 )
Passage   22  While You Keep in God's Favor, Nothing Can Make Your Heart Bitter or Sad
Passage   23  In All God's Children is This Desire to Comfort and Heal
Passage   24  Soon, You Blessed Saints Arrive so Very Holy with Christ in Your Spirits
Passage   25  Seek Virtue
Passage   26  Spirits of Earth, Instruct and Restore
Passage   27  God Puts a Special Blessing in the Hearts of Those Children Who Rise to the Glory of the Day with Such Songs of Praise ( 2 )
Passage   28  God Knows You and Understands
Passage   29  Virtue, She Speaks Only in God's Love, Speak to Her and Make Her Welcome
Passage   30  Such Beauty Comes to Those Who Spend Their Time Serving God
Passage   31  You Who Seek God are Children of the King
Passage   32  Teach Your Children of God ( 5 )
Passage   33  Seen are the Glories of God and Gone Are the Vices of the Dark Past
Passage   34  Righteous Spirit in Earth's Inspirational Beauty
Passage   35  Kindness ( 3 )
Passage   36  Keep on Speaking to Your Father, You Call God, Each Word He Cherishes ( 2 3 5 )
Passage   37  Earth is Like a Mother Who Has Grown Old
Passage   38  While You Meditate, Pray and Ask God to Help You  Understand   ( 2 )
Passage   39  Now, in All Your Sorrow, is a Very Spirit Who Cares About You Who are Small and Needy as All Earth Children Are
Passage   40  If the Mind is Filled With Good Desires, Where is There Room for the Bad Thing? ( 4 )
Passage   41  God is a Very Pleasant Spirit in All Ways ( 3 )
Passage   42  In God's Love, Rise, O Children of the Cross
Passage   43  Call Him Father, and He Shall Say, "My Child You Are." ( 1 )
Passage   44  Earth is a Small Jewel in the Father's Setting ( 5 )
Passage   45  Why are Some so Wise and Others so Foolish?
Passage   46  Come, God's Arms are Reaching Out in Such a Blessed, Very Gentle Way ( 1 3 )
Passage   47  Sweet are the Songs of Those Who Make Their Work a Blessed Song to God
Passage   48  Litany of a Wonderful Wonderful God ( 3 4 )
Passage   49 This is More Wisdom than All that is Taught: Pray, for Kindness is in Speaking to the Ones You Love      ( 2 5 )
Passage  50  O Songs of the Saints, Bless with the Freshness of the Morning Dew
Passage  51 Live With God not Around Him ( 2 5 )
Passage 52 Saints, Come, Bathe Your Souls in the Light of God's Love. ( 4 )
Passage  53 Peace 
Passage 54 God Sends a Saint   
Passage 55 Send Roses of Kindness to Sad Earth
Passage 56  A kind, Virtuous Spirit
Passage 57 Why Settle for Less? ( 1 )
Passage 58 Blessed Are You Who Have Heeded the Call
Passage 59 Virtue is the Key ( 4 )
Passage 60 Blessed God is Pleading with You
Passage 61 Now is the Time to Return to God
Passage 62 Righteous God Sends in Another Chance to Return to Him
Passage 63 Come, Be Wise ( 1 )
Passage 64 Come, Rest Your Weary Souls in God's Love ( 2 )
Passage 65 Children, Spirits of God, This Is the Very Reason You Are
Passage 66 In Your Sorrow, Call to Him ( 2 )
Passage 67 Secrets, Are Revealed to the Little Ones of God ( 2 )
Passage 68 Spirits of God, Bless is Such Sorrow 
Passage 69 God Reaches Blessedly for His Sad, Little Ones Who Seek Not God's Spirit
Passage 70 Spirits of God's Beautiful Spirit, This Blessed Spirit Is Yours. Make It So
Passage 71 An Earth Spirit's Blessing
Passage 72 Children of the Cross, Come See Peace
Passage 73 Seek God While You Can
Passage 74 Make Your Earth's Journey Such a Blessed Journey ( 2 4 )
Passage 75 Righteous Ways Shall Bless this Time, and Unrighteous Ways Shall Curse this Time ( 4 )
Passage 76 You Who Have Accepted God's Gifts Shall see Such Satisfaction in Your Accepting
Passage 77 Kindness Is God's Special Saint
Passage 78 Rest and Peace Are for God's Blessed Who Accepted His Spirit
Passage 79 Such a Flow of Grace Fills the Souls of Those Who Keep God's Rules ( 4 )
Passage 80 Who Are God's Children, and Whom Does God Protect Under His Loving Care?
Passage 81 God Is in this Earth and in the Spirit of Many Who Accept His Love
Passage 82 In God's Love, Speak of the Needs of the Spirit, and Speak of the Body's Needs (2 )
Passage 83 Please Speak of Your Troubles ( 2 )
Passage 84 Saints Are in God's Spirit Only Because of the Love They Have Shown God in Earth's Toil ( 4 )
Passage 85 Blessed Are You Who Read and See in an Understanding Nature
Passage 86 This Is the Great Message, the First and the Last
Passage 87 The Sins of People Have Destroyed the Earth ( 6 )
Passage 88 Such Wisdom in God's Love ( 3 )
Passage 89 This is the Great Message ( 2 )
Passage 90 This Message is Sent in God's Love 
Passage 91 This is Inscribed: "Earth Is in Her Calling" 
Passage 92 Your Light Shall Shine and Your Light Shall be Brighter Than the Sun ( 6 )
Passage 93  Blessed Is the Spirit Whom God Sees Holy When He Calls
Passage 94 God Is Our King and We Come in His Love to Spirits of Earth
Passage 95 Come, O Wondrous Spirit, With Beauty Unsurpassed, Fill This Lonely Heart of Mine ( 2 )
Passage 96 Kindness is a Gift from the Holy Spirit ( 4 )
Passage 97 The Wise Shall Seek God, and He Shall Be Their God, and They Shall Be His People
Passage 98 Turn His Anger Away While You Can ( 6 )
Passage  99 This Is Very Interesting, O People of Earth.  Made Are the Plans of Earth.  Made Are the Plans of God.  And Whose Plans Do You Think Shall Prevail?  ( 5 6 )

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